“For The Love of Harry” Fan Site

For The Love Of Harry” is a Harry Potter Fan Site that offers everything from exciting cosplay help, to a list of all the Harry Potter Events worldwide. The creator of the Site also offers a list of gift ideas, LEGO(r) sets, knitting patterns, DIY crafts, an explanation of characters’ wands and what that might mean about their personalities, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Harry Potter fans should definitely check out this website in search of anything Harry Potter!


A Mini ‘Harry Potter’ Gift Guide! Part 2 (Articles/Lists)

In continuation of a previous gift guide post, here is the second group of gift ideas originating from lists already put together by other Harry Potter fans and available online!

  1. BuzzFeed: “21 Magical “Harry Potter” Kitchen Items You Need Right Now“—A list by Casey Rackman compiling several items that would definitely spruce up your kitchen in a non-muggle sort of way. Random Highlight: “Harry Potter Dwellings Coaster Set
  2. BuzzFeed: “33 Harry potter Gifts Only a True Fan Will Appreciate“—for the more subtle-natured references that would only be noticed by members of the wizarding community. Random Highlight: “Harry Potter Print, Dobby Watercolor
  3. Country Living: “25 Magical Gifts that Every Harry Potter Fan Needs”—A lovely list of magical artifacts. Random Highlight: “Harry Potter Inspired Mason Jar Lamp
  4. Tech Insider: “27 Gifts for the Harry Potter Fan in Your Life“—Clever and fun gifts for fans. Random Highlight: “Snuggle This Muggle” Onesie.

A Mini ‘Harry Potter’ Gift Guide! Part 1 (Websites)

There are so many Harry Potter-themed gifts out there, here is a list of some articles and websites where you can go hunting for your favorite new Weasley sweater or Three Broomsticks mug!

  1. The Harry Potter Shop—The official, one-stop shop for classics and more. Random Highlight: “Hybrid Luggage Bag
  2. Hot Topic Harry Potter Merchandise—Plenty of clothing items to show off your Hogwarts school and/or House pride! Random Highlight: “Harry Potter Slytherin Varsity Hoodie
  3. Harry Potter Etsy—Handmade gifts at your fingertips! Random Highlight: “It’s Not Much, But It’s Home” Doormat.
  4. Harry Potter Gifts on Amazon—just like with most aspects of online gift shopping, sites like Amazon or eBay can offer some of the lowest prices! Random Highlight: “Collectible Quidditch Set

Chestertown Harry Potter Festival!

On the weekend of September 30th-October 2nd, Chestertown, MD will be hosting a Harry Potter festival full of fun activities for Harry Potter fans of all ages:

To learn more about the festival, visit their website at: http://chestertownhpfest.org/

A few HONR279Q (UMD Harry Potter course) students attended the 2015 Chestertown Harry Potter Festival and enjoyed themselves.