Lauren Fairweather—A Hufflepuff DIY master :D

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“Lauren Fairweather is a video content creator, musician, and handmade artist who loves using the internet to share her creations and interact with the people who enjoy them.

For the last decade, Lauren has been video blogging and documenting her adventures on her YouTube channel. Her channel has over 65,000 subscribers, and has amassed over four million total upload views since she started in February 2006. She has produced videos for many brands including HGTV Handmade, Simplicity, and Warby Parker. Lauren also co-founded a collaborative YouTube channel called FiveAwesomeGirls in January 2008 which has inspired countless collaborative channels since it began.

She runs an etsy shop called Fairweather Friends where she sells plush toys and other cute characters that she makes by hand.

Lauren also writes and performs acoustic music about books, television shows, and life as a nerd. In addition to her own music, Lauren is a member of several bands” (About Lauren Fairweather,

If you are interested in visiting her site for DIY projects and craft tutorials, click on the following link! Lauren Fairweather Craft Tutorials

Camila Uechi’s compilation of Harry Potter DIY Project, Gift, Harry Potter Party, and Cosplay Ideas

HONR279Q Teaching Assistant Cami’s compilation on Pinterest of the following Harry Potter ideas:

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Harry Potter DIY, Cosplay, and Gift Ideas (HONR279Q)” by Camila Uechi.

Harry Potter Party (HONR279Q)” by Camila Uechi