A Mini ‘Harry Potter’ Gift Guide! Part 1 (Websites)

There are so many Harry Potter-themed gifts out there, here is a list of some articles and websites where you can go hunting for your favorite new Weasley sweater or Three Broomsticks mug!

  1. The Harry Potter Shop—The official, one-stop shop for classics and more. Random Highlight: “Hybrid Luggage Bag
  2. Hot Topic Harry Potter Merchandise—Plenty of clothing items to show off your Hogwarts school and/or House pride! Random Highlight: “Harry Potter Slytherin Varsity Hoodie
  3. Harry Potter Etsy—Handmade gifts at your fingertips! Random Highlight: “It’s Not Much, But It’s Home” Doormat.
  4. Harry Potter Gifts on Amazon—just like with most aspects of online gift shopping, sites like Amazon or eBay can offer some of the lowest prices! Random Highlight: “Collectible Quidditch Set

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