A Mini ‘Harry Potter’ Gift Guide! Part 2 (Articles/Lists)

In continuation of a previous gift guide post, here is the second group of gift ideas originating from lists already put together by other Harry Potter fans and available online!

  1. BuzzFeed: “21 Magical “Harry Potter” Kitchen Items You Need Right Now“—A list by Casey Rackman compiling several items that would definitely spruce up your kitchen in a non-muggle sort of way. Random Highlight: “Harry Potter Dwellings Coaster Set
  2. BuzzFeed: “33 Harry potter Gifts Only a True Fan Will Appreciate“—for the more subtle-natured references that would only be noticed by members of the wizarding community. Random Highlight: “Harry Potter Print, Dobby Watercolor
  3. Country Living: “25 Magical Gifts that Every Harry Potter Fan Needs”—A lovely list of magical artifacts. Random Highlight: “Harry Potter Inspired Mason Jar Lamp
  4. Tech Insider: “27 Gifts for the Harry Potter Fan in Your Life“—Clever and fun gifts for fans. Random Highlight: “Snuggle This Muggle” Onesie.

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