Camila Uechi’s compilation of Harry Potter DIY Project, Gift, Harry Potter Party, and Cosplay Ideas

HONR279Q Teaching Assistant Cami’s compilation on Pinterest of the following Harry Potter ideas:

  1. DIY Projects
  2. Gift
  3. Harry Potter Party
  4. Cosplay

Harry Potter DIY, Cosplay, and Gift Ideas (HONR279Q)” by Camila Uechi.

Harry Potter Party (HONR279Q)” by Camila Uechi

Enjoy some great fan fiction of the Potterverse

Laura Sarner posted five great fan fictions that are free and available online. The post is titled, “5 Better Fanfictions Better than ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’” and has the following 4 fan fictions (one is no longer available):

  1. A Keen Observer” by DeepDownSlytherin: A story on Andromeda tonks (née Black), the Slytherin pureblood daughter of the Black family, sister to Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange, aunt to Sirius Black, mother to Nymphadora Lupin (née Tonks), and loving wife to muggleborn Ted Tonks. Her story’s got to be interesting..
  2. Australia” by MsBinns: What happened after Harry won the war? How did we get from the final battle until 19 years later? Here is a detailed piece on it.
  3. The Life and Times” by Jewels5: The story of the young Marauders, Lily Evans (and their whole year, including Severus Snape) in their Hogwarts year. Long, and highly captivating.
  4. A Call to Arms” by My Dear Professor McGonagall: What was going on in Hogwarts while the famous trio took off during their seventh year?

Listen to our own Dr. Butler on MuggleNet Academia!

“MuggleNet Academia: Michelle Markey Butler’s UMaryland Class on Adaptations” on December 15, 2015. “On Harry Potter, adaptations, and the ‘real story’ with Professor Michelle Markey Butler!”

Listen to the the discussion on MuggleNet Academia’s page here:

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HP Course at UMD—HONR279Q: The Boy Who Lived, All Grown Up by Dr. Michelle Butler

HONR279Q   The Boy Who Lived, All Grown Up: Assessing the Harry Potter Books and their Adaptations

Dr. Michelle Butler, University Honors


“The generation who grew up with the Harry Potter series is now in college. This course will invite students to revisit these popular books of their childhood with an eye towards critical assessment. How do we approach books differently when we intend to evaluate them, rather than read them for entertainment? In what ways can critical reading enhance our enjoyment and appreciation of a work? Can we lose something in the transition?

The world of Harry Potter has been adapted into many other forms of media. Best known of these adaptations is of course the films, but there are also audiobooks (award-winning in their own right), videogames, board and card games, Lego sets, memes and Tumblrs, fan-made art, fan fiction, and a theme park (!). We will consider the changes that are made in adapting a story into a new medium and the impact of such changes upon the world, characters, themes, and narrative structures of the story. Indeed, the range and amount of Harry Potter adaptations has become so extensive that we will not be able to cover them all in our assigned course materials; rather, students will be encouraged to find some adaptations and report upon them to the class. Students will also be asked to propose a new adaptation.”

**Written Information drawn from UMD University Honors Page site accessible here.**

**Picture taken from “The Frederick News Post” article by Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, “The Magic of ‘Harry Potter’ Returns” accessible here.**